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vb. (obsolete form of temper English)

Usage examples of "tempre".

He had to wonder how many more were placed in other cities, such as Tempre or Hieron, or even Alustre.

Myrmidons fly above Dereka, and within your lives above far Alustre and Tempre, and even Hieron and Southgate.

From what I have seen, I would rather have the Iron Valleys ruled from Tempre than from Hieron or Dereka or Lyterna.

That was what I had to do against the Recorder of Deeds in Tempre, the one that the ifrit took over, and I was so tired that I could barely move.

There were octagons in Tempre and where Elcien had once stood and more than a score across Corus.

The afternoon was cooler than those of the previous days, and while they rode past some other riders and several carriages, the streets and roads of Tempre were less than crowded, far less than on the Septi when Alucius had ridden into the capital city.