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Temora may refer to:

  • Temora, New South Wales - town in Australia
    • Temora Aviation Museum, a museum in the Australian town of Temora
  • Temora (Ellicott City, Maryland) - listed on the NRHP in Maryland]
  • Temora (poem), a 1763 poem by James Macpherson
  • Temora (genus), a genus of copepods in the family Temoridae
Temora (poem)

Temora: An ancient epic poem is a work by Scottish poet and writer James Macpherson, published in March 1763 (see 1763 in poetry).

As with Fingal in 1762, the author posed as the translator of what he asserted was an ancient Gaelic epic by the supposed Ossian, son of Fingal (see also Works of Ossian in the article: 1765 in poetry).

It, together with other poems he had published at the same time, produced a mixed but mostly favourable response from critics.

Temora (Ellicott City, Maryland)

Temora, is a historic home located at Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland. It is a T-shaped, two-story and cupola, Tuscan-style Victorian house of stuccoed tongue-and-groove boards. The house was built in 1857 after a design prepared by Nathan G. Starkweather, a little-known but accomplished architect from Oxford, England, who also designed the First Presbyterian Church and Manse at West Madison Street and Park Avenue in the Mount Vernon-Belvedere neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, with his later more famous assistant - Edmund G. Lind. The house was built for Dr. Arthur Pue Jr. on land given from his grandmother Mary Dorsey Pue of Belmont Estate.

Laura Hanna and Mrs John Breckinridge lived in the property afterward. County Councilman and representative William S. Hanna was also raised at Temora

A portion of the estate served as a farm with a hay field. In 1980, developer Alan Borg purchased the property, performing a minor restoration. In 1984 Borg held a "Decorator's Showhouse" event with rooms redecorated for free by various decorators retaining some of the original period materials combined with outside furnishings and materials. In 1985, Borg attempted to convert the house into a 15-room inn and restaurant, but failed to approval for the increased activity on the lot in a residential neighborhood. The land has been subdivided with a LDS Church built in the former pasture.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Usage examples of "temora".

Carlina di Asturien looked with distaste on the embroidered veils and the blue velvet over-gown, set with pearls from Temora, that she would wear for the handfasting ceremony.

She decided that when next Jandria visited the hostel - she had been coming and going all year, on courier duty between Serrais and the cities to the south, Dalereuth and Temora - she would ask what Jandria thought.

Hellers to the shores of Temora, where an honorable man will use any weapon that does not bring him within equal risk.

Dalereuth, home of the illegal circles that made clingfire and worse for any lordling who could pay, or Temora on the sea coast, or far Aldaran.

Hasturs, who seem determined to spread their reign from Temora to the Wall Around the World.