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n. A meme which lives in a technological artifact rather than the human mind.

Teme (disambiguation)

The River Teme is a river in England and Wales.

Teme may also refer to:

Usage examples of "teme".

And what of Usk and Wye and Teme and Clun, which the Marchmen must cross?

Severn brought the king and his attendants to the Teme at its point of junction with the larger river, and then following its deeply-ploughed channel, and watching its swift flowing current through the fringing trees, they rode on to Powick.

The lofty post he had attained enabled him to see the whole of the adjoining districts on the south and south-east of the city, Red Hill and Perry Wood, both banks of the river, the junction of the Teme and the Severn, Powick with its church crowning a woody eminence, and all the country skirting the right bank of the Severn, and lying between Powick and Upton.

Next following the Teme from its point of junction with the larger river--its course being easily traced by the withes and willows fringing its banks--his eye rested on the old bridge of Powick.

Hill is not quite half a mile from the confluence of the Teme and the Severn.

Pitmarston, and satisfied with routing him, Cromwell marched towards the Teme, his object being to throw a flying bridge across that river, so as to allow reinforcements to be sent to Fleetwood and Ingoldsby during their attack upon Montgomery at Powick.

His progress, however, towards the Teme was not unopposed, but, on the contrary, was seriously obstructed by the Royalist infantry.

But these obstacles were removed by the troopers, and the Teme being reached, a flying bridge across it was speedily constructed.

Deeply dyed with blood, the Teme was almost choked with the bodies of the slain.

While his strike forces searched and harried the countryside beyond the reach of the Temes River, he had a different task.

JHlJc longships ghosted out of the fog wreathing the Temes River to beach along the strand below the walled city of Hefenfelthe.

Arad, Biehar and Temes, in all of which he was a justice of the peace, and moving resolutions.

Vosper and Trubshaw were among them--reached Powick Bridge, and were then posted with Captain Woolfe in a water-mill on the banks of the Teme.

Thence she thee brought into this Faerie lond,And in an heaped furrow did thee hyde,Where thee a Ploughman all vnweeting fond,As he his toylesome teme that way did guyde,And brought thee vp in ploughmans state to byde,Whereof Georgos he thee gaue to name.

A teme of Dolphins raunged in aray,Drew the smooth charet of sad Cymoent.