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Only two men, Ki-Gor, White Lord of the Jungle, and Tembu George, could save her - at the sacrifice of their own lives on a crimson juju altar.

I find no Tembu George, no important meeting, nothing but a lot of fruit you persist in stuffing yourself with because it is the nearest and easiest thing at hand!

Without any lead to aid him, Tembu George therefore returned to the clearing to search for further evidence.

Any further proof needed by Ki-Gor that he was well known to Tembu George was quickly given by these men.

The Masai were soon too busy to feel lost and alone in this canyon of darkness, for Tembu George set them a fast pace.

Three days and nights Tembu George pushed his men forward in this fashion.

Ki-Gor and Tembu George stepped out on the landing and walked through the crowd of curious natives that quickly gathered.

The grizzled witch doctor rustled his necklaces with his fingers, and his eyes looked beyond Tembu George in a far away, unseeing stare.

He and Tembu George then returned to the canoes and the wearing pace was resumed.

In mid-morning on the ninth day, Tembu George selected an even, open place to halt for food and rest.

With the aid of Tembu George, he quickly fashioned a sturdy litter in which to carry the wounded Masai.

Weary after their days of strained, unrelenting haste, Ki-Gor, Tembu George and their men soon took advantage of this opportunity for rest.

As he frowned, and cast about for a solution, Tembu George broke in to agree with the chief.

He slapped Tembu George on the shoulder, turned on his heel and strode away, his booming laughter startling the mourning natives.

The altered Jungle Lord strode through the village seeking Tembu George.