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Tembo is a 1951 American documentary film which follows the travels of hunter Howard Hill through equatorial Africa. Hill produced and directed the documentary. The expedition traveled 30,000 miles as they attempted to discover a remote tribe, called the "Leopard Men".

Usage examples of "tembo".

I call him Tembo, but with my mother dead I spent most of my early life in bush camps looked after by men like Mukunga.

Nobody take a Land-Rover from the Army, only Tembo do a thing like that.

I first work for Tembo and he is Game Warden of this area, we capture a very bad poacher who is hiding in a secret hole in the rocks up there or.

The heavenly choir vanished as Tembo shoved the projector back into his pocket.

The other troopers looked at Tembo oddly and did not feel comfortable until he had gone.

Even Tembo admitted to that as they lashed down fuses in the storeroom.

But Tembo stopped work and cocked his head to one side, then poked himself experimentally in the stomach.

By the time he had pulled his uniform back on Tembo was gone and he trudged wearily back to his quarters.

It meant nothing to him nor to the other new men, but it sent Tembo springing from his bunk to do a quick two-step Death Curse Dance with tom-tom accompaniment on his footlocker cover.

Tembo, just ahead of him, also had a card, all angels and churches, just what you would expect, and Bill was shocked when he saw Tembo read the card one last time then plunge it into his cup of dinner.

When he turned back Tembo had already clipped a fresh fuse into the empty clips.

It had remained deserted for almost a millennium, until the day that Tembo Laibon claimed it as his own, erected a dome at the very apex of the mountain, and called it the House of Blue Lights, in acknowledgment of the eternal storm that raged overhead.

The many-limbed Kreboi, who inhabited Beta Greco III and had no love of the Democracy, gave Tembo Laibon permission to operate and extended their protection to include his world.

The room itself had always been the subject of much speculation, for it was here that Tembo Laibon kept his storehouse of personal treasures.

It spoke in exquisite Terran, as if it had spent its formative years in an exclusive school on Deluros VIII or even Earth itself, it brushed its locks of false hair back from its reconstructed forehead, it drank dry martinis and tried to hide its expression of distaste, and, when it felt no one was watching, it turned to admire its reflection in the glass of the reinforced viewport that Tembo Laibon had inserted on one wall of the room.