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Telle is a community council in the Maseru District of Lesotho. Its population in 2006 was 6,835.

Usage examples of "telle".

Knight by knight, ich you telle, The table might nought fulfille, Till they were born that should do all Fulfill the mervaile of the Greal.

Barizel et de sa fille telle que je la demele au milieu de tous les renseignements, souvent contradictoires, que je suis parvenu a reunir depuis que je suis ici.

Butte yn ye season whenne ye mistletoe And holly hangeth hevye on ye bough, Ech wrytes to ech a lettere of gude cheere, To telle hys friende whatte hym befel thatte yeare.

Dunois, ne peut accepter honorablement des propositions de mariage avec une femme qui y fait publiquement de telles objections.

What helpeth it to tarry forth the day, To telle how she wept both eve and morrow?

Fyrst I ethe the, hathel, how that thou hattes That thou me telle truly, as I tryst may.

Bi vche grome at his degre graythely wat3 serued Ther wat3 mete, ther watz myrthe, ther watz much ioye, That for to telle therof hit me tene were, And to poynte hit 3et I pyned me parauenture.

And whan that ye Seint Urban han biholde, Telle hym the wordes whiche that I to yow tolde, And whan that he hath purged yow fro synne, Thanne shul ye se that aungel er ye twynne.

For to telle of this teuelyng of this trwe kny3te3, Hit is the tytelet token and tyxt of her werkke3, How ledes for her lele luf hor lyue3 han auntered, Endured for her drury dulful stounde3, And after wenged with her walour and voyded her care, And bro3t blysse into boure with bountees hor awen-- And 3e ar knyyght comlokest kyd of your elde, Your worde and your worchip walke3 ayquere, And I haf seten by yourself here sere twyes, Yghet herde I neuer of your hed helde no worde3 That euer longed to luf, lasse ne more.

O bussh unbrent, brennynge in Moyses sighte, That ravysedest doun fro the deitee Thurgh thyn humblesse, the goost that in thalighte, Of whos vertu, whan he thyn herte lighte, Conceyved was the Fadres sapience, Help me to telle it in thy reverence.

And if ye vouchesauf, anon I shal Bigynne upon my tale, for which I preye, Telle youre avys, I kan no bettre seye.

But now is tyme to yow for to telle How that we baren us that ilke nyght Whan we were in that hostelrie alyght, And after wol I telle of our viage, And all the remenaunt of oure pilgrimage.

And therfore, Ost, I warne the biforn, My joly body shal a tale telle And I shal clynkyn yow so mery a belle That I shal wakyn al this companye.

But first, I yow biseeke in this mateere, Though I by ordre telle nat this thynges, Be it of popes, emperours, or kynges, After hir ages, as men writen fynde, But tellen hem, som bifore and som bihynde, As it now comth unto my remembraunce.

And tolde hir al the cas, as ye bifore Han herd, nat nedeth for to telle it moore.