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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1940, in reference to religious miracles, from tele- + ending from transport (v.). Related: Teleported; teleporter; teleporting.


n. 1 (context scifi English) A teleporter. 2 A satellite ground station. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To travel from one point to another without physically crossing the distance between the two points. 2 (context transitive English) To move an object in this fashion, as by telekinesis.


v. transport by dematerializing at one point and assembling at another


Teleport may refer to:

  • To teleport is to engage in the act of teleportation:
    • Teleportation
    • Quantum teleportation
    • Warping, the act of inter-level teleporting in video games
  • Teleport (Amsterdam), a neighborhood of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Teleport Communications Group, a unit of AT&T
  • Teleport (website), an online database of location specific life quality information
  • Teleport (Staten Island), a business park on Staten Island, New York
  • A telecommunications port, commonly shortened to "teleport"
  • Telescopic handler, called "Teleport" in the UK and Ireland
  • A Satellite Ground station
  • Tokyo Teleport Station
Teleport (Amsterdam)

Teleport (Amsterdam) is a neighborhood of Amsterdam in the " stadsdeel," or borough, of Westpoort in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands.

Teleport was founded in the eighties of the twentieth century as an office location with the designation of " Telematics." Therefore, it has specific facilities in that area. The neighborhood has connections by road through the A10 motorway, railway lines, buses and underground (the Amsterdam Sloterdijk railway station).

The borders of the neighborhood are to the West the Seineweg, to the North The Basisweg, to the East the A10 motorway and to the South the N200 highway (the Haarlemmerweg).

At this moment around 20,000 are working in the area; in the future it would be around 35,000. The city of Amsterdam has made plans to realize this by designing a new tram and bus station at the Carrascoplein. Other plans include a large plaza around the train station and the development of other types of centers such as schools, cultural and sports facilities, hotels and shops.

The street names in the area are derived mostly from international airports around the world: Orlyplein, Naritaweg, Kimpoweg.

The office buildings Millennium Tower, Crystal Tower, La Guardia Plaza and the building of the "Belastingdienst" ( Tax and Customs Administration) are among the highest buildings in the city of Amsterdam.

Teleport (Staten Island)

The Teleport is a suburban-style 100-acre business park east of New York State Route 440 and west of the Bulls Head neighborhood on Staten Island in New York City. It includes five Class A office and specialized buildings totaling 700,000 square feet, as well as additional development-ready sites.

The Teleport was developed in the mid-1980s by the City of New York and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), which manages it under contract to the city, focusing on new technologies and offering high-speed voice, data and video services via satellite and fiber optic connectivity.

In 2001 AT&T, the Teleport's biggest tenant, moved 4,000 employees out of two office buildings on the site. They were sold in 2006 and renamed Corporate Commons, with a major tenant being the St Paul's School of Nursing.

The New York City Economic Development Corporation and the PANYNJ retain control over the available development acreage.

Teleport (website)

Teleport is an online database of location specific life quality information.

Usage examples of "teleport".

Coulomb field transforms to these mind-consciousness-reality wave functions, you quickly see how the post-humans opened Brane Holes to new universes and then teleported there themselves.

The Extractor selects and draws usable non-organics from the Alpha Centauri star system, and collects, converts and channels the product into its teleport shipping facility for point-to-point spunnel transfer to the Collector.

Bourne cursed again though the artillery was friendly, the guns trying to forestall Molt snipers by pulverizing a site to which they could easily teleport.

Profile had been right: whether or not the tank blast had killed the sniper, its suddenness had at least driven the Molt away from the narrow circuit of rocks through which he had intended to teleport and confuse counterfire.

Hawker and Bourne had their backs to the stone to one side of the entranceway, too close together for a Molt to attempt to teleport between them but still giving their gun hands adequate clearance.

Dissection revealed no major morphological changes in teleporting, as opposed to normal, animals.

Even the multipartite Lofi seemed to have all but completely recovered from the shock of having been teleported piecemeal from the evacuation capsule.

Matson that when he and the two thousand LI field reps arrive at the retail outlets of THL they will not be teleported but will be arrested and undoubtedly painlessly murdered.

I would have to get back to Callidyrr and restudy my spellbook before I could teleport again.

With Sarmon still lying in a heap where Xanthon had knocked him, she would have to climb up to the rampart and flee to the gatehouse, where there would be no shortage of war wizards ready to teleport her back to Arabel.

They were supposed to be in the inner bailey of the Suzail Palace, but Sarmon seemed to have bungled his spell and teleported them into one of the terrible battles raging in the north.

Grypht was about to scoop up as many of the small fliers as he could carry and teleport away with them and Sweetleaf when suddenly Moander changed directions and began heading northward, toward the mountain slope and the Singing Cave.

Like every member of the Dagenham staff, he was an M class jaunter, capable of teleporting a thousand miles a jump indefinitely, and familiar with thousands of jaunte co-ordinates.

The Royal Excursionary Company emerged from the timeless murk with a crackle like lightning, then sat swaying in their saddles, stomachs rolling and heads spinning with teleport afterdaze.

Teleported explosives blow up any chance for the Xh-33 Hiver population to leave the surface.