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telephone wire

n. the wire that carries telegraph and telephone signals [syn: telephone line, telegraph wire, telegraph line]

Usage examples of "telephone wire".

The ever changing electrical current passes up through the stylus, vibrates with ever varying degrees of intensity over the thousand miles of telephone wire between Chicago and this instrument here at the other end of the line.

Jansci didn't even know it had happened, his whole mind, his whole being was at that moment at the other end of that telephone wire.

I could hear the reply, as sometimes one can when the telephone wire conditions are a certain way and the quality of the voice of the speaker a certain kind.

The spotter, turning the binoculars from east on a long black sweep along the river, talking into a battered telephone wire that dangled over the parapet.

This time, the telephone wire brought Straha the crisp tones of a male of the Race.

Say, what the devil is this wire back here- -cut in on the telephone wire?

Those windows are barred, the telephone wire is cut, and it is three hundred feet to the street.

For three days, from August 16 to 18, discussion raged over the telephone wire, happily all in German territory, between Rupprecht’.

It is already up and running, patched into the world over a telephone wire.

Then two doves settled on the telephone wire, and I glanced at the pole for the first time.

And as he finished his sandwich and thermos of coffee, he had seen a large black crow flutter down and land on the telephone wire half a block up the street.

I can rig it to blow five seconds, whatever, after you pick the phone up, or on command, sending house current down the existing telephone wire pair.