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telephone circuit

n. a telephone connection [syn: telephone line, phone line, subscriber line, line]

Usage examples of "telephone circuit".

He whirled to the telephone circuit to which the Corrections officer still clung, the minute break having given Othman just time enough to collect himself and to assume a cool and self-possessed mien.

The telephone circuit, they knew, entered a master conduit which extended down through the tall apartment house to the basement, where it connected with the regular conduits.

Zach had told her how Phoetus bragged on the boards that he could overload every emergency telephone circuit in the city if he wanted to.

He talked to trusted men over a radio-telephone circuit that could not be intercepted.

The wires in his makeshift telephone circuit were welding together.

He gave the information as an anonymous tip, then broke the telephone circuit before the call could be traced.