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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

abbreviation of telecommunication, attested by 1963.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context informal English) telecommunications. 2 (context informal English) telecommunication. Etymology 2

n. (context informal English) A telco (gloss: phone company) or telecom company.


n. (often plural) systems used in transmitting messages over a distance electronically [syn: telecommunication]


Telecom refers to:

  • An abbreviation of telecommunication.
  • Short for telecommunications company ( telecommunications service provider) or the telecommunications industry, in general.

Usage examples of "telecom".

Victor Merlini had barely made it through the telecom interview Argent had insisted on.

British Telecom truck roared round the corner, bounced onto the pavement and tossed Barbera into the air.

A yellow British Telecom truck roared round the corner, bounced onto the pavement and tossed Barbera into the air.

Pac Bell handled the local calls in California, but they bought their switches and the software that ran the switch processors from AT T, Northern Telecom, and a few other companies.

Northern Telecom built good switches, and if the Canadians could buy good homegrown equipment, they would.

It was unfortunate that a law-enforcement affair as apparently well-conducted as Operation Disconnect, which pursued telecom adult career criminals a hundred times more morally repugnant than teenage hackers, should have received so little attention and fanfare, especially compared to the abortive Sundevil and the basically disastrous efforts of the Chicago Computer Fraud and Abuse Task Force.

The big blue eyes of Lolita Yzerman looked back at me from the telecom.

When Lone Star conducts an investigation, standard procedure is to tap the telecoms of everyone even peripherally involved with the subject of the investigation.

But every English Telecom exchange computer in the country had been infiltrated with a catchment program that would 'slot the caller directly into the circuit.

The captain of the picket ship which contacted Chives had settled for a telecom inspection of his papers, without boarding, and had cleared him for a path through atmosphere which was a reasonable one in view of his kinetic vector.

Normally operations of this sort would be run out of Century House, using an out-of-area telephone number and call diverter provided by British Telecom.

I couldn't make outgoing calls from this apartment with the same guarantee of secrecy, but at least any calls incoming to my Auburn system would be transferred to this telecom without anyone knowing about the switch.

But that was the best they could do without telecom collapsiters, and even the Queendom of Sol couldn’.

But a lot of local telecoms turned FLAG down anyway - at least at first.

There were vans belonging to the gas company and British Telecom, and another from a private contractor that looked as if it was responsible for cable repairs, bumped up onto the kerb on both sides of the road.