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n. (context British slang rare English) television


Tele may refer to:

  • Television
  • Tele (band), a German rock/pop band
  • Tele Ikuru, Deputy Governor of Rivers State
  • Télé, Mali, a rural commune of the Cercle of Goundam in the Tombouctou Region of Mali
  • Evening Telegraph (Dundee), a local newspaper in Dundee, Scotland
  • Fender Telecaster, a guitar
  • Lake Tele, Republic of the Congo
  • Telemark skiing, a style of skiing
  • Tiele people, an ancient Turkic tribal confederation
Tele (band)

Tele is a German Rock/ Pop- band from Freiburg (now Berlin).

Usage examples of "tele".

Several of these included worlds which, when the early Arachnoid explorers visited them tele- pathically, were found to be inhabited by native races of pre-utopian rank.

Library, a yellow glow of lamplight shone in the dirty glass walls of the Conservatory, marking where Seldes Katne still labored over her piled volumes, searching for references to the teles even as Nandiharrow and Issay sought clues to other magics in the Vaults.

The problem during these conferences was that there were always tele- phone calls from important people-such as Mrs.

Charley began, eXplained why, and related the details of his tele- phone conversation with the duty officer of the Philadelphia office of the Fed- eral Bureau of Investigation.

United 93 crashed in Pennsylvania, there had been no mention of its hijacking and the FAA had not yet been added to the tele- conference.

An infantryman still aboard his grounded skimmer caught the shimmer of a Molt tele porting in along the vector for which Hawker had warned.

Each location from which a satellite registered a bolt being fired went into the data base as a point to be hit not now--the snipers would have tele ported away--but at a future date when a Molt prepared to fire from the same known position.

The gunners in the armored car turrets and the infantrymen huddled behind vision blocks in the sides of their armored personnel carriers could see nothing--until Molt warriors tele ported into the valley.

The autochthons could-given time to approach the position instead of tele porting directly from some distant location--home on very small crystals indeed.

He handled the gun in tele porting more easily than he did its physical weight in the material world.

The sedimentary rocks which could be cut or leached away into caves by groundwater were of no use as beacons for tele porting autochthons--and thus of no use in training young Molts to use their unique abilities.

The same stone angles were just what the doctor ordered to block sniper fire--and as for anybody tele porting directly into the cave, they were cold meat as soon as the Loots equipment picked them up.

Hawker said as he ported his weapon again, making no apology for aiming it toward a tele porting autochthon, even one in Bournes lap.

Molt tele porting into the confusion of a battle or hunt who had to receive a great deal of data about his immediate surroundings in the first instant.

Hawker must have made a mistake that would give a clear shot to the tele porting autochthon.