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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Etymology 1 n. 1 telegraph 2 telegram 3 telephone Etymology 2

n. A hill or mound. (non-gloss definition: Used especially for land features in the Middle East and North Africa)


TEL may refer to:

  • TE Connectivity, a global electronics component manufacturer by NYSE stick ticker symbol
  • Technology-Enhanced Learning
  • TEL oncogene, another symbol for ETV6
  • Test of Economic Literacy, a standardized test of economics nationally norm-referenced in the United States for use in upper-grade levels of high schools
  • Tetraethyllead, a gasoline additive to make leaded gasoline
  • The European Library, an Internet service that allows access to the resources of 48 European national libraries and an increasing number of research libraries
  • Tokyo Electron, a semiconductor equipment manufacturer
  • Transporter erector launcher, a mobile missile launch platform
  • Thomson-East Coast MRT Line of the Singapore MRT.

Tel may refer to:

  • Tel, alternate name of Tall-e Nemat, a village in Iran
  • tel, a URI scheme used e.g. on the Web to link to telephone numbers
  • [[.tel]] domain name
  • tel parameter in the hCard microformat
  • Tel Aviv, major Israeli city
  • Tel, Azerbaijan, a village in Khachmaz Rayon
  • Tel river, a tributary of the river Mahanadi in Orissa, India
  • an abbreviation for telephone
  • A tell, a type of archaeological mound created by human occupation
  • Telugu language, language code ISO 639-2 and 639-3 code

Usage examples of "tel".

Hills to the east and the Saniphir Hills to the west, the track running for seven leagues, opening out on a plain that faced the ancient tel of Sanimon, then wrapped around it to encompass the Sanith Odhan and, beyond that, the Geleen Plain, the Dojal Odhanand the city of Aren itself.

Supposedly in her bridal tent, lounging in a silken gown among silken cushions with kohl on her eyelids, henna on her fingertips, attar of rose, jasmine, and orange blossom perfuming the air, Zohra instead was standing on the very top of the Tel, dressed in an old caftan and trousers that she had stolen from her father.

This is what Professor Maspero has done, and it must be no slight satisfaction to him to find that on the whole his system of transliteration is confirmed by the cuneiform tablets of Tel el-Amarna.

Surely Shamarr Dickin would give that back, no matter what else Tel announced.

Iraq also built 8 indigenous mobile erector launchers and 28 fixed erector-launchers to supplement the Soviet TELs.

Because observation tels us, that the spotted parts are alwaies smooth and equall, having every where an equality of light, when once they are enlightened by the Sunne, whereas the brighter parts are full of rugged gibbosities and mountaines having many shades in them, as I shall shew more at large afterwards.

The young woman in uniform pushed her way through the ilding in Tel crowd of people hurrying in and out of the bu Aviv, pressed by the urgency of war.

Celui-ci et ses compagnons, qui auraient du traiter avec un grand respect un tel hote, commencerent au contraire a tenir audacieusement, avec le juge du lieu, des propos inconvenants et deshonnetes.

Fedj and Sond, giving them the command that would eventually bring the two warring tribes together at the Tel.

Tel est ce drame singulier, qui contient quelques passages assez beaux parmi des longueurs infinies.

Soft footfalls behind her assured her that Shel, Tel, and Uri followed.

There were no lights in Tel Aviv that night except the fires of burning buildings, which reflected against the smoke-filled sky and shrouded the city with an eerie glow.

Ridge upon ridge faced us, rising higher and higher to the horizon about six miles away where Burj Lisaneh stood up like a sugar-loaf, while to our half-right steepish slopes covered with fig trees, not yet in leaf, rose up to the heights of Tel Asur 3318 feet high.

Father Scheil makes an incursion into Assyriology by his publication of some of the Tel el-Amarna tablets, and in this connection M.

Scud missiles had fallen on Tel Aviv, injuring at least twenty-four civilians.