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Teisseire (company)

Teisseire is a French manufacturer and brand of flavoured syrups. Although primarily used for creating soft drinks when diluted with water, they are also used in making cocktails and flavoured coffee. The company was founded in Grenoble in 1720 by Mathieu Teisseire and remained in his immediate family until the mid-19th century. After François Reynaud purchased the company in 1907, it was run by four generations of the Reynaud family until 2004 when it was acquired by Fruité Entreprises. Since 2010 the company has been owned by the British soft drinks manufacturer and distributor Britvic. Teisseire's main manufacturing plant is situated in Crolles near Grenoble. Although the company's products are now exclusively non-alcoholic, it was originally famous for its cherry liqueur, Ratafia de Teisseire, which was manufactured well into the 20th century.


Teisseire may refer to:

  • Teisseire (company), a French manufacturer of flavored syrups founded by Mathieu Teisseire in 1720
  • People with the surname Tessiere
    • Aimé Teisseire (1914–2008), French military officer who fought with the Free French Forces in World War II
    • Camille Teisseire (1764–1842), French politician and businessman, grandson of Mathieu Teisseire
    • Jean-Pierre Teisseire (born 1940), French football player and former mayor of Cassis
    • Lucien Teisseire, (1919–2007), French professional bicycle racer