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Teigh is a village and civil parish in the county of Rutland in the East Midlands of England. The population of the village was 48 in the 2001 census. At the 2011 census the population remained less than 100 and is included in the civil parish of Market Overton. It is notable for its parish church, almost unaltered since a 1782 rebuild, that features pews that face one another rather than the altar.

The writer Arthur Mee proposed Teigh as one of the few Thankful Villages which lost no men in World War I.

Richard Folville, a member of the gang of robbers led by his older brother Eustace was rector here from 1321. In 1340 41 he was besieged in the church and then summarily executed outside.

Anthony Jenkinson, main trader of the Muscovy Company was buried here in 1611. He had travelled as far as Bukhara when trying to reach Cathay overland from Moscow, and established overland trade routes through Russia to Persia.

In 1940, the vicar of Teigh, Rev. Henry Stanley Tibbs, was interned under Defence Regulation 18B for alleged pro-Nazi sympathies, but soon released after it was determined he was harmless.

Usage examples of "teigh".

In the back of his mind Teigh still expected to find a shrine to the brilliant architect, kept exactly as David had left it the day he died and dusted carefully every day by his grieving widow, but when Laura flicked on the light that illusion fled with the darkness.

They had to stop on the way to the airlock to fill her air tanks and put a new battery in the backpack, and as a precaution Teigh had the attendant pressure test the suit to two atmospheres while he was at it.

It passed the test, and fifteen minutes later they were at the airlock, Teigh climbing into his own suit that he kept there.

And one by one, Teigh put the whole class on their backs on the gym floor, even the last few who were warned and tried to rush him four at a time.