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Tei may refer to:

  • Tei (singer) (born 1983), a Korean pop singer
  • Tei, Bucharest, a neighborhood in Bucharest, Romania
  • Tellurium monoiodide, a chemical compound with the formula TeI

TEI may refer to:

  • Tezu Airport in India (IATA code)
  • Tax Executives Institute, an association of business executives responsible for tax affairs
  • Technological Educational Institute, a type of tertiary education institute in Greece
  • Text Encoding Initiative, a consortium that develops standards for digital texts
  • Tertiary Education Institution in New Zealand
  • Total Economic Impact, a financial metric (see Application Portfolio Management)
  • Trans Earth Injection, the procedure that a spacecraft performs to get back into the Earth's gravitational influence
  • , a Turkish aircraft engine manufacturer

Tei (singer)

Kim Ho Kyung ( Chinese: 金稿京, Korean: 테이; born April 4, 1983) is a Korean singer known by his stage name Tei. Originally discovered by a record company's karaoke website, he gained popularity and fame in South Korea as a TV presenter, promotional model, and actor. Tei is best known for his debut song, "Love Is A Fragrance".

Usage examples of "tei".

Ho Tei, the Chinese god of luck, was fondled, caressed, and rubbed with a tender devotion Jessie had never known.

The two of them looked at each other, and Jorg Matejas blushed, and Lala Tei chuckled.

Chinese archaeologist Chi Pu Tei and his assistants came across the discs and graves.

Once they were in the heart of the Yaw Ma Tei district, the congestion got worse still.

One of his officers handed him a mug of the fiery tei and the Ras poured it down his throat in a single draught, then hurled the mug upon the fire.

Nathan Road to Yau Ma Tei to shake down the food-stall owners and building superintendents for their weekly payments.

Little birds woke up and fluttered tei fledgling wings, while their parents sang or c their territorial rights before they flew away 1 food.