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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Teg \Teg\, n. A sheep in its second year; also, a doe in its second year. [Prov. Eng.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

sheep in its second year, 1520s, of uncertain origin, perhaps from a Scandinavian source (compare Swedish tacka "ewe").


n. 1 (context UK dialect dated English) a sheep (originally a ewe) that is one to two years old 2 (context UK dialect dated English) a doe in its second year


n. two-year-old sheep

TEG (board game)

TEG is an Argentine strategy board wargame published in 1976, based on the game Risk. The name is an acronym of Táctica y Estrategia para la Guerra., Spanish for Tactics and Strategy for War.


TEG may stand for:

  • Triethylene glycol
  • Thromboelastography
  • TEG (Táctica y Estrategia de Guerra), an Argentine Risk-based board game.
  • Tenés Empanadas Graciela, a computer game inspired by the above board game.
  • TEG Federal Credit Union, a New York bank.
  • Thermoelectric generator, a device that can convert heat into electricity
  • Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co., Ltd., an electronics company based in Zhuzhou.
  • The Enormous Gregory, a small bit character that appeared in one episode of The Simpsons
  • The Elder Gods (TeG), a Romanian professional electronic sports organization.
  • The Edrington Group, A Scotch Whisky and spirits manufacturer based in Scotland.
  • Telemark Entertainment Group, a record label based in Norway.

Usage examples of "teg".

Brimstone, a bar that served as a neutral place for the Tylwyth Teg and the goblins.

Will was almost pure Tylwyth Teg and it showed in his pale green eyes.

They wielded less power than their full goblin counterparts, but were useful for their ability to pass undetected by Tylwyth Teg Gaelan triads.

Theo appeared, the full-blooded Tylwyth Teg they took their orders from.

The Tylwyth Teg psychics had been searching for their seer for a long time without any success.

There were ways a mortal with a little Tylwyth Teg blood could become immortal, but they were complicated.

New York City and had met Will, whom the Tylwyth Teg psychics paired him with.

He winced at the sharpness of it all, the assault on his Tylwyth Teg senses.

The goblins have nearly systematically wiped out the entire Tylwyth Teg genetic line.

Theo and the whole of the Tylwyth Teg after us for killing you or them.

Theo had gotten them in to see the grand poobah of the Tylwyth Teg on this side of Atlantic.

You have some Tylwyth Teg blood, so that means there is an opportunity to confer upon you fae life expectancy.

It will combine with your blood when injected and make fundamental changes to your body when this blend locates the Tylwyth Teg gene strand within you.

This will pass as your body assimilates the mixture and it bonds with your Tylwyth Teg heritage.

Tanalvah, Lirrin and Teg clustered round him, the children excited and overawed.