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Tefé (Teffé in early accounts) is a municipality in the state of Amazonas, northern Brazil. It is located about 525 km by air or 595 km by river to the west of Manaus on the south bank of the Rio Solimões (the upper Amazon), on the lake formed by the mouth of the Tefé River. The nearest large city is Coari, 192 km SE by east of Tefé.

Tefé is the largest town and commercial center of the middle Solimões region. Its population was 61,453 (IBGE 2010) evenly divided between urban and rural, and its area is 23,704 km². There are no roads into Tefé and the only access is by river boat or plane. By fast boat it is about 12 hours from Manaus. TRIP Linhas Aereas operate flights from Manaus to Tefé Airport.

The city is the home of the Territorial Prelature of Tefé. Tefé is also the major starting point for trips into the Mamiraua Reserve.