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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Others ask me what I wear when I go home, or if I live in a teepee.
▪ She has even visited Cyrus' hideaway, a teepee.

Etymology 1 alt. A cone-shaped tent traditionally used by many native peoples of the Great Plains of North Americ

  1. n. A cone-shaped tent traditionally used by many native peoples of the Great Plains of North America. Etymology 2


  2. (alternative form of tp nodot=yes English) (qualifier: to cover with toilet paper)


n. a native American tent; usually of conical shape [syn: tepee, tipi]

Usage examples of "teepee".

I mean finding the neches out on a trail of murder instead of lying around their teepees.

The walls were hung with cloths painted in bedlamite scarlets and purples and oranges--not the rude figures of men and animals common on the teepees, but a geometrical nightmare of interwoven cubes and circles.

His father, Tom Pettit, the owner of the TeePee Ranch, had died three years ago, and it now belonged to Doyle.

The teepee filled up with a pungent, bleachlike stink: sulphur dioxide.

In a red-green auroral glow, the Neandertals moved about, packing up their teepee and other gear, loading it all onto big sledlike vehicles, signing to each other busily.

Lantil, ferrying bowls of excrement and other waste from the bark teepees to the clusters of cow-trees at the heart of the village.

From the teepees defending warriors emerged, grubby and yelling, brandishing rocks and clubs.

Teal stared at the slack faces, the children with limbs like twigs, and beyond them the huddle of shabby little teepees, the piles of lichen, a half-butchered mummy-cow carcass.

After months in the fug of the teepees Erwal took deep breaths of the cold, fresh air, and felt the blood stir within her.

In the far corner, I could see a large expanse of tilled ground with several young tomato plants, a row of newly planted peppers, and five empty bean poles, like teepees, waiting for the emerging tendrils to take hold.

China, farmers build little teepees out of straw and thereby aid hibernating spiders who kill the pests in their fields.

GEE scouts were always pursuing the Indians, asking to sleep in their teepees and groove on their most sacred ceremonies.

The press even tracked down Ziggy, who was living in a teepee in Anglesey.

As the Indians retreated to their happy hunting grounds and the well-worn paths turned to paved roads, the teepees gave way to apartment buildings, and the practitioners of the world's oldest profession claimed the plush-lined cubby holes as their own.

Presently McKee, Elliott and Deering went toward the newly erected teepees.