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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Its fields are fertile, its vineyards productive and its forests teem with wild life.
▪ Perhaps, after all, this is indeed some exotic coastline-maybe some coral reef, teeming with life of all kinds.
▪ It teems with life, abounds with colour and characters.
▪ The vast panorama of teeming Life and Creation opened up to us through the teachings of Esotericism beggars human thought.
▪ Towns with names like Connacht, Munster, Rosedale and Hanratty that teem with cramped lives and desperate people.
▪ Central Park teems with bandits, as you may have heard, but they each work with just one arm.
▪ Its fields are fertile, its vineyards productive and its forests teem with wild life.
▪ The daily papers teemed with the dreary records of secession....
▪ The religious press in the first decade of pentecostal history teems with blistering attacks on the new movement.
▪ With luck, in a year the place should begin to teem with federal workers.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Teem \Teem\, v. t. [Icel. t[ae]ma to empty, from t[=o]mr empty; akin to Dan. t["o]mme to empty, Sw. t["o]mma. See Toom to empty.]

  1. To pour; -- commonly followed by out; as, to teem out ale. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.]

  2. (Steel Manuf.) To pour, as steel, from a melting pot; to fill, as a mold, with molten metal.


Teem \Teem\, v. t. [See Tame, a., and cf. Beteem.] To think fit. [Obs. or R.]
--G. Gifford.


Teem \Teem\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Teemed; p. pr. & vb. n. Teeming.] [OE. temen, AS. t[=e]man, t?man, from te['a]m. See Team.]

  1. To bring forth young, as an animal; to produce fruit, as a plant; to bear; to be pregnant; to conceive; to multiply.

    If she must teem, Create her child of spleen.

  2. To be full, or ready to bring forth; to be stocked to overflowing; to be prolific; to abound.

    His mind teeming with schemes of future deceit to cover former villainy.
    --Sir W. Scott.

    The young, brimful of the hopes and feeling which teem in our time.
    --F. Harrison.


Teem \Teem\, v. t. To produce; to bring forth. [R.]

That [grief] of an hour's age doth hiss the speaker; Each minute teems a new one.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"abound, swarm, be prolific," Old English teman (Mercian), tieman (West Saxon) "beget, give birth to, bring forth, produce, propagate," from Proto-Germanic *tau(h)mjan (denominative), from PIE *deuk- "to lead" (see duke (n.)). Related to team (n.) in its now-obsolete Old English sense of "family, brood of young animals." The meaning "abound, swarm" is first recorded 1590s, on the notion of "be full of as if ready to give birth." Related: Teemed; teeming.\n


"to flow copiously," early 14c., "to empty out" (transitive), from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse toema "to empty," from tomr "empty," cognate with Old English tom (adj.) "empty, free from." The original notion is of "to empty a vessel," thus "to pour out." Intransitive sense of "to pour, flow, stream" is from 1828. Related: Teemed; teeming.


Etymology 1 vb. 1 To be stocked to overflowing. 2 To be prolific; to abound. Etymology 2

vb. 1 (context archaic English) To empty. 2 To pour (especially with rain) 3 To pour, as steel, from a melting pot; to fill, as a mould, with molten metal. Etymology 3

vb. (context obsolete rare English) To think fit.

  1. v. be teeming, be abuzz; "The garden was swarming with bees"; "The plaza is teeming with undercover policemen"; "her mind pullulated with worries" [syn: pullulate, swarm]

  2. move in large numbers; "people were pouring out of the theater"; "beggars pullulated in the plaza" [syn: pour, swarm, stream, pullulate]


Teem is a lemon-lime-flavored soft drink produced by The Pepsi-Cola Company. It was introduced in 1960 as Pepsi's answer to 7 Up and Coca-Cola's Sprite.

Usage examples of "teem".

We have seen that the uncertainty principle ensures that even the vacuum of empty space is a teeming, roiling frenzy of virtual particles momentarily erupting into existence and subsequently annihilating one another.

According to bn Bem, this was an excellent average, considering their proximity to the teeming swamps.

Added to that, he had to find an ancient magic talisman before the elfling did, and to do that, he would have to search for it in Bodach, a city teeming with undead, while at the same time maintaining observation of the elfling and the priestess.

Although Bosey Boswick had been much more appealing with all his teem, and poor Willie would never see the sunny side of seventy again.

He had the uncomfortable notion that the city was not quiet and empty at all, but teeming with invisible, capering life.

The town was teeming with traffic and people, causing Eddoes to inch along to the street that led to the port.

The Caermelor Road had threaded its way through farmlands, past garths and granges, crofts and byres, alongside hedged meadows where cattle pondered or shepherds with crosiers in hand followed their flocks, past pitch-roofed haystacks, ponds teeming with ducks, tilled patches of worts in leafy rows, and burgeoning fields of einkorn, emmer, and spelt where hoop-backed reapers toiled, by vineyards glutted with overflow of clammy juice and moss-trunked orchards already ravished, the last windfalls rotting on the ground, their sweet decay choired by sucking insects.

Calle San Miguel, teeming with its tourist shoppers, and made his way to the Espadon Hotel.

He could look down the steep, teeming roofs to the harbour and see the Outer Roads crowded with caravels and carracks, galeots and luggers, all harbour-bound by lack of wind.

The raising of the bridge exposed the twenty-yard-wide moat, which teemed with magarmach and gharial and deva-knew-what other water-dwelling predators.

The even mead, that erst brought sweetly forth The freckled cowslip, burnet, and green clover, Wanting the scythe, all uncorrected, rank, Conceives by idleness, and nothing teems But hateful docks, rough thistles, kecksies, burrs, Losing both beauty and utility.

On the sequestered slopes of the low mountain valleys green mosses once more carpeted the earth, buttercups and dandelions peeped pale golden eyes from the ground, in the teeming crevices of the high promontories delicate green and crimson lichens wove a marvellous lacery, and wherever the sun poured its encouraging springtime light beauteous small star- and bell-shaped flowers burst into an effulgence of pale rose and glistening white bloom.

Lucy lies in the tomb of her kin, a lordly death house in a lonely churchyard, away from teeming London, where the air is fresh, and the sun rises over Hampstead Hill, and where wild flowers grow of their own accord.

Like a brain-shot animal, the raft made a quivering effort to reach the surface, just breaking clear, then subsiding lumpishly toward the bottom of the deep pool that lay at the foot of the teeming waterfall.

With Nick and Lys, he flattened himself against one wall of the alley as horsemen in yellow surcoats fought hooded footmen in the teeming rain-a vicious, close-quarters combat pent up between the stone buildings that fronted the alley.