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Teck (disambiguation)

Teck may refer to:

  • Teck castle in W├╝rttemberg, Germany, located on Teckberg
  • Duke of Teck, a title of nobility, referring to Teck castle, Germany
  • Teck Resources, a Canadian mining company formerly known as Teck Cominco
  • CCL25, a cytokine also known as "Teck"
  • Lai Teck, a Malayan communist leader
  • Lim Koon Teck, a Singaporean politician

Usage examples of "teck".

Yet there was Old Jakie where Alex had left him, laid out on the bar counter like lamb and salad, now with fifty-pee pieces over his eyes, and there were the two flymen, together with a huddle of cronies from the Princess of Teck.