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Crossword clues for teashop


n. (alternative spelling of tea shop English)


n. a restaurant where tea and light meals are available [syn: teahouse, tearoom, tea parlor, tea parlour]

Usage examples of "teashop".

They had tea out, at a dear little teashop, all chintz and flowered china, a fitting background for the paper-thin sandwiches and cakes oozing cream.

They had tea at a nice teashop, and punctually at half-past five returned to the spot where Oliver was to meet them.

Darsoss sat at a small table in a teashop along Church Street and smoked several cigarettes while waiting.

Not long afterward they parted, a few feet from the teashop door in the cold, clear air.

My incident took place in a teashop on Northern Boulevard, near my home.

Suppose these talkers go to the teashop and go on with their talking, fuming and blowing, saying how terrible it is what the Birders have done, maybe how terrible it is what the birdgirl has done .

I should imagine that you frequented a few cafés and teashops, laughing and joking with the girls there and finding out whose name began with the right letter and who would be suitable for your purpose.

Then, down in your imagination with the teashops innumerable, leaving only those houses of call that are licensed to sell Beer, Wine, Spirits and Tobacco.

Her heart thumping, she walked through the deserted streets past the steaming doors of cheap teashops and restaurants.

This one is for Sue and Ann, connoisseurs of teashops and very good friends.