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n. (plural of tea English)


Teas or TEAS can mean:

  • Tea, a traditional beverage made from steeping the processed leaves, buds, or twigs of the tea bush ( Camellia sinensis) in water.
  • TEAS, an acronym for the Test of Essential Academic Skills, a standardized test used for entrance to nursing schools
  • The Eric Andre Show, an Adult Swim television series

Usage examples of "teas".

An’ if we be at war again, how we going to get season’s teas and silks, eh?

Longstaff—at Struan’s bidding—had put the embargo on as another measure to force the peace treaty, knowing that the Canton warehouses were bulging with teas and silks.

But we would have made a fortune if our ships could have taken the teas direct to England.

Within twenty years the bullion traded for smuggled opium equaled the bullion that was owed for teas and silks.

But it desperately needed the China traders to supply the bullion to pay for the teas, and by now it depended heavily on the huge revenue from the sale of Bengal opium.

It decried the sale of opium but needed the revenue from the teas and the Indian Empire.

The teas and silks of the season came down from the hinterland and overflowed the Co-hong warehouses that lined the banks of the river.

The merchantmen had to be prepared for the delicate teas: the holds repainted and the bilges cleaned and made wholesome.

The vital thing was to get the season’s teas and silks and dispose of the season’s opium.

He did not ask, as he would have liked to, why The Noble House was paying ten percent more for Jin-qua’s teas than other traders, and selling the best Indian Padwa opium to Jin-qua at ten percent under the current market price.

And in my lifetime plantations could be flourishing—growing our own teas, on our soil.

He packed up the teas in tight bundles and placed them in the far interior, where there was no chance of them getting wet, even if the pack fell in a river.

I was flustered up a bit when you came, getting the teas and all, yesterday.

They had become a treat, these Sunday teas, the girls and their mother playing at gentility with enthusiasm.

Should be here in time to help me with the teas and a bit of tidying up that I haven't got round to.