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n. (context music English) In solfège, the seventh note of a major scale (the note B in the fixed-do system): si.


Te or TE may refer to or be used for:

Te (Cyrillic)

Te (Т т; italics: Т т) is a letter of the Cyrillic script.

It commonly represents the voiceless alveolar plosive , like the pronunciation of in "stick".


Ṭē is an additional letter of the Perso-Arabic alphabet, derived from te (ت) by replacing the dots with a small t̤oʾe (ط). It is not used in the Arabic alphabet itself, but is used to represent in Urdu. The small t̤oʾe diactric is used to indicate a retroflex consonant in Urdu. It is the fifth letter of the Urdu alphabet. Its Abjad value is considered to be 400. In Urdu, this letter may also be called ‘heavy t’ or ‘Indian t’. In Devanagari, this consonant is rendered using ‘ ट’.

Some layout engines do not properly generate medial and final forms (which should look like ـٹـ and ﭨ) and will render the isolate form ٹ, without joining.

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Te (kana)

, in hiragana, or in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. Both represent .





Normal t-
(た行 ta-gyō)



てい, (てぃ)
てえ, てぇ

テイ, (ティ)
テエ, テェ

Addition dakuten d-
(だ行 da-gyō)



でい, (でぃ)
でえ, でぇ

デイ, (ディ)
デエ, デェ

Other additional forms

Form A (ty-)



















Te (cuneiform)

The cuneiform te sign is found in both the 14th century BC Amarna letters and the Epic of Gilgamesh; it is also notable in the Hittite language, and for that language, besides its usage as te, it is a sumerogram ( logogram or ideogram), and is used as a component in the word for "envoy", (LÚ-ȚE-mu), or LÚ-ṬE-mi, . 'Envoy' is used in the famous Hittite annals, narrating the story of Prince Zannanza who after going to Egypt to become husband (and Pharaoh) to Queen Nefertiti, was intercepted and killed.

The usage of te in the Epic of Gilgamesh, is only for syllabic or alphabetic te, 124 times.

The sign also comes in two forms, with two pairs of the left 4-signs, or one above a row of 3-signs, either group tilted, down to the right.

Usage examples of "te".

Mais, avant que je parte, tu vas me jurer, tes levres sur les miennes, que je puis avoir confiance en toi.

Es-tu venu au monde avec un parchemin dans ta poche et des galons sur tes manches, toi?

Mais, pour moi, crois-tu que, sous le coup de cette mort, je pourrais montrer a tes invites un visage affable?

Oudeni gar eoike to anthropou soma ton epi sarkophagia gegonoton, ou grupotes cheilous, ouk ozutes onuchos, ou traxutes odontos prosestin, ou koilias eutonia kai pneumatos thermotes, trepsai kai katergasasthai dunate to baru kai kreodes all autothen e phusis te leioteti ton odonton kai te smikroteti tou stomatos kai te malakoteti tes glosses kai te pros pepsin ambluteti tou pneumatos, exomnutai ten sarkophagian.

Bonum, malum, qui fecisti Mali imploramus te, Salve fratrem, causa Christi, Miserere Domine!

Dominus et custodiat te, ostendat faciem suam tibi et misereatur tui convertat vultum suum ad te et det tibi pacem.

Go, while I undress, to the prophet Gagabu and beg him to send the pastophorus Teta, who usually accompanies me.

At this moment Pentaur came into the hall, and while he bowed easily and with dignity to the company and low before Ameni, he prayed him to grant that the pastophorus Teta should accompany the leech Nebsecht to visit the daughter of the paraschites.

There were also the shouts and wild laughter of the Gallas, drunk on blood and te, and the chilling sound of the few Harari captives who had been saved from the initial massacre to provide entertainment during the long wait before Ras Kullah arrived in the captured town.

Je me sens futile comme une donzelle quand tu me regardes ainsi, avec tes yeux de Christ.

Tu le lui diras avec les mots qui te viendront, avec ton regard aussi, tes mains.

Mais, pour moi, crois-tu que, sous le coup de cette mort, je pourrais montrer a tes invites un visage affable?

Mautravers, ceux qui se blesseront de tes paroles auront mauvais caractere.

I have no impertinent curiosity about me: but love good-nature and thence became amoris abundantia erga te.

To pass the te, he mrn though tote most nt that e spa was a front for an da borate call gifting.