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TDH can refer to:

  • Total dynamic head
  • L-threonine dehydrogenase
  • The Dear Hunter, an American rock band.
  • Turkey's Change Movement , a Turkish political party.
  • (+)-Thujan-3-ol dehydrogenase, an enzyme
  • TDH, a Turkmenistan State News Agency.
TDH (news agency)

Turkmenistan State News Agency (in ), sometimes shortened to TDH , is the largest and only news agency in Turkmenistan. TDH headquarters are in Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue, Ashgabat. The agency publishes news and analysis of the socio-political, socio-economic, cultural and sporting life of the state in Turkmen, Russian and English languages. Agency specialists are engaged in the development, technical and information support, and promotion of web sites relating to the culture of Turkmenistan. The current editor-in-chief of TDH is Bekdurdy Amansaryev