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TCT may refer to:

  • TCT (band), a Finnish band
  • Teenage Cancer Trust
  • Tate's Cairn Tunnel
  • Texas City Terminal Railway
  • The Coroner's Toolkit, computer forensic software
  • The Catholic Transcript, a catholic paper in Hartford, Connecticut, United States
  • Thrombin clotting time, a test used in blood coagulation
  • Tocotrienol, a group of four isomers occurring in Vitamin E
  • Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking, a test of creativity
  • Touring Club de Tunisie, a member of the FIA
  • Trans Canada Trail, a proposed trail that would stretch across Canada
  • Tri-State Christian Television, a Christian cable television network broadcasting in the United States and Canada (formerly known as Total Christian Television)
  • True Crystallization Temperature, the temperature at which salt crystals begin to crystallize from a solution (given sufficient time and nucleating conditions)
  • Tungsten carbide-tipped, a descriptor for blades, saws, and the like hardened with a tungsten carbide compound
  • Task completion time
TCT (band)

TCT is a Finnish band consisting of T.L., Comeetta and Tiahu. Their music has been described as "party-hop"; it's pop music mixed with elements of funk and hip hop. TCT was signed to Universal Music Finland in June 2013. Their first single "Rannalle" peaked at number five on the Finnish Singles Chart. The band released their debut album IOJK (IhanOmaJuttuKäynnis) on 21 August 2015.