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TCR may refer to:

In science:

  • T-cell receptor, a molecule found on the surface of some immune cells
  • Transcription-coupled repair, a DNA mechanism
  • Thyroid Cartilage Reduction, Chondrolaryngoplasty, a surgury of the throat
  • Total Core Recovery, an expression used to qualify the quality of a rock mass in boreholes
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, typically measured in ppm/K
  • Thyristor controlled reactor, a reactance occurring in electric power systems
  • Transcervical resection, a surgery on a uterine fibroid

Places and Organizations:

  • The Climate Registry, a nonprofit collaboration to record and track greenhouse gas emissions
  • Toronto Civic Railways
  • Tottenham Court Road, a street in London which Tottenham Court Road tube station is named after
  • Tuticorin Airport, IATA code TCR

In media and entertainment:

  • Time Code Reading, a method of accounting for video or film footage and frames in media editing
  • Transmission Control Room is a room found at broadcast facilities and television stations around the world
  • Text Compression for Reader (.tcr), a compressed text file format used by Psion e-book reader software
  • The Colbert Report, a parody news show on Comedy Central
  • A single by the band Prolapse
  • TCR, the musical project of Robin Moulder and TC of Satiate
  • TCR (record label), a record label
  • Total Control Racing, a slotless track mini-car racing that lets you control your car
  • TCR International Series, international touring car series

In sport:

  • Transcontinental Race, an unsupported, ultra-distance cycling race across Europe
  • Giant TCR, one of the first road/racing bicycles with a sloping top tube
TCR (record label)

Thursday Club Records more commonly known as TCR is a nu skool breaks record label based in London. The label was founded in 1993 by Rennie Pilgrem to provide a solo output outside his membership of the Rhythm Section. The early releases were mainly house but it was a trip to Florida in 1994 that convinced Rennie to start experimenting with breaks.

TCR is now considered as one of the premier breaks label with over 10 years in operation and 100 releases under their belt. The roster of artists reads like a who's who of nu skool breaks including B.L.I.M., Koma & Bones, Chris Carter, 2Sinners, Vigi, JDS, General Midi, Arthur Baker, Dopamine, Elite Force, √úberzone and Meat Katie