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TBD (disambiguation)

TBD is an abbreviation often meaning in ordinary writing "to be discussed" "to be done", "to be defined", "to be decided", " to be determined", "to be deleted", etc. It may also refer to:

  • The three-letter code for Three Bridges railway station
  • Douglas TBD Devastator, an aircraft
  • TBD Records
  • Track-before-detect, a method used in radar technology
  • Triazabicyclodecene, organic soluble very strong base for various catalytic organic reactions
  • Torpedo Boat Destroyer, a type of naval vessel invented in the late nineteenth century, the fore-runner to the modern naval destroyer
  • Airport code for Timbiqui, Cauca Colombia
  • TBD (website), a website covering Washington, D.C., news
  • TBD TV, a local cable news channel in Washington, D.C.
  • "T.B.D.", a song by Live from Throwing Copper