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There were times when he wished that Tayn Kellyr could find a little more tolerance for the foibles of others in her heart, although conceivably such a tolerance might diminish her usefulness.

She touched the single dot nearest her thumb, and Tayn Kellyr's voice answered, tinny and far away.

He knew, quite as well as did Citizen Bass, that Tayn Kellyr's behavior was not like her, and betrayed some uncommon strain.

I didn't want to listen to it, because I was frettin' over what I was goin' to tell Citizen Tayn Kellyr, and the two hundred decacredits I'd lost.

I didn't think it was fair, and I thought Tayn Kellyr might have run from a fifteen-foot winged snake her own self.

A man doesn't cross Tayn Kellyr, not if he doesn't fancy bein' shipped out to the central Sector to work in the fertilizer plants.

I killed Drussa Silver because it was my duty to do so, because I was charged with that obligation by Tayn Kellyr of Castle Fra.

It was Tayn Kellyr's mother who came when my own mother lay dying in our house next the Castle wall, bringing the death-drugs herself, with her own hands.

It was Tayn Kellyr who came, many and many a time, to attend in some way to me or to my daughter, as she would have done her own children.

I could no more question the instructions of Tayn Kellyr—wicked as they seemed to me—than I could cease, of my own free will, to breathe the air.

When Tayn Kellyr betrayed me for her own purposes, she set me free of obligation to her—my only obligation then was to ruin her plans for the evil they were.

I have the comfort of knowing that each morning Tayn Kellyr must get up to face the fact of her own failure.

I understand that Tayn Kellyr has set her daughter Deliven the task of bringing all the strays back into the fold, where their new skills will be very useful, and their tithes will once again maintain the Castles.

The plague had already taken sixty percent or more of the Paeccs Tayn, so it was decided that more than a veep, or a senior manager,, or a security expert, the Paeccs Tayn needed to speak with a doctor.