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Tayk , was a historical province of the Greater Armenia, one of its 15 ashkars (worlds). Tayk consisted of 8 cantons:

  • Kogh
  • Berdats por
  • Partizats por
  • Tchakatk
  • Bokha
  • Vokaghe
  • Azordats por
  • Arsiats por.

In the Middle Ages, it became part of the Georgian kingdom of Tao-Klarjeti. The Tayk province covered contemporary Turkish districts of Yusufeli (Kiskim) in Artvin Province and Oltu, Olur (Tavusker), Tortum and Çamlıkaya (Hunut) to the north of İspir in Erzurum Province. To its southwest is found the ancient region of Sper. After World War I, Armenia and Georgia had contested the region, with particular conflict over Oltisi. As a result, Turkish rule was firmly reestablished.