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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Taxonomic \Tax`o*nom"ic\ (t[a^]ks`[o^]*n[o^]m"[i^]k), a. Pertaining to, or involving, taxonomy, or the laws and principles of classification; classificatory.


a. Of, or relating to taxonomy.


adj. of or relating to taxonomy; "taxonomic relations"; "a taxonomic designation" [syn: taxonomical]


Usage examples of "taxonomic".

And they were arranged in these cabinets in no conceivable taxonomic order.

A tree diagram begins to grow from the bottom left corner of the wall, recurving and recomplicating as it climbs toward the top right, zooming and fracturing into taxonomic fault lines.

Is it, do you suppose, because I have always insisted on viewing us not as a collection of races and nationalities but as a group that shares the same taxonomic classification, that of Earth-planet extant?

Wu thought, its unique status a matter of millions of years of neural variation from the brains of our taxonomic relatives.

Xican cell structure, with its remarkable flexibility, would lead to a standardized taxonomic structure capable of encompassing even shape-shifting.

They have valves, and hard shells, but of course in this place all taxonomic bets are off.

Pendergast realized these creatures had not been collected for taxonomic or classification purposes.

One did not need a thousand bog spiders in order to do taxonomic studiesand drying insects was a poor way to preserve their biological details.

But because it was possible to know and to say only within a taxonomic area of visibility, the knowledge of plants was bound to prove more extensive than that of animals.

Moreover, it was probably broken up into fragments, and many species, adjacent to those we know or intermediary between taxonomic squares familiar to us, must have disappeared, leaving nothing behind them but traces difficult to decipher.

It will be seen, therefore, that the speed of monetary movement during a set time corresponds to the taxonomic extension of a character within the simultaneous space of the table.

We know how Classical analysis had been brought to the point of suspending the privileged position of the most important organs in order to concentrate attention on their taxonomic efficacity.

It is this transition from the taxonomic to the synthetic notion of life which is indicated, in the chronology of ideas and sciences, by the recrudescence, in the early nineteenth century, of vitalist themes.

However, specializations of the vertebrae for weight reduction due to the immense size of these individuals, have provided some means for taxonomic identification.

His work included errors in morphology and description and was often characterized by taxonomic inflation.