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n. (context rare English) A tan. vb. To tan, make tawny.

Usage examples of "tawn".

And tell Tawn not to let any creepy-crawlies close while she was away.

And this Tawn, on a Guardship filled with the Living, would be less naive.

That relationship was nearing its peak heat, where Tawn would be at her most pliable.

After the Rebels unloaded the Lifeline, Tawn and her commander took them to the base as the others moved the crates.

On board the frigate, Tawn and Commander Peck escorted Dannen and Purr to their quarters.

Yuble was dark, or had been once, but his face had become so weather-beaten that its color was reduced to a peculiar tawn that almost matched an olive drab.

Accompanied only by his squire Amery, Dhrun rode westward along Old Street to the village Tawn Twillet.

A lane leads to Tawn Timble and Glymwode and on into the forest, and so to Thripsey Shee on Madling Meadow.