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Tavaresia is a genus of plants in the Apocynaceae, first described as a genus in 1902. It is native to southern Africa.

  1. Tavaresia angolensis Welw. - Angola
  2. Tavaresia barklyi (Dyer) N.E.Br. - South Africa
  3. Tavaresia grandiflora Berger - South Africa
  4. Tavaresia meintjesii R.A. Dyer - Limpopo
formerly included

Tavaresia thompsoniorum van Jaarsv. & R.Nagel, syn of × Staparesia thompsoniorum (van Jaarsv. & R.Nagel) G.D.Rowley


Phylogenetic studies have shown the genus to be most closely related to the Huernia genus, and to a widespread branch of stapeliads comprising the genera Orbea, Piaranthus and Stapelia.