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n. (alternative form of taw English)

Tav (number)

In his work on set theory, Georg Cantor denoted the collection of all cardinal numbers by the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, (transliterated as Taf, Tav, or Taw.) As Cantor realized, this collection could not itself have a cardinality, as this would lead to a paradox of the Burali-Forti type. Cantor instead said that it was an "inconsistent" collection which was absolutely infinite.


Tav or TAV may refer to:

  • Tav (letter) (also written taf or taw), the last letter of many Semitic abjads
  • Tav (number) (also written taf or taw), the denotation of a specific transfinite number
  • Tav Falco, an American entertainer
  • Tav Pickups, Tecnologías Audio Visuales (Spain)
  • TAV Airports Holding (Tepe Akfen Ventures), a Turkish airport operator
  • TAV-8B, the two-seat version of the McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II aircraft
  • TAV RJ-SP, the Brazilian Rio–São Paulo high-speed rail system
  • The Artists Village, an experimental arts group in Singapore
  • Treno Alta Velocita, the working name for the planning and construction of the Italian high-speed rail network
  • The Advanced Visualizer, a 3D graphics software package
  • The Audio Vengefuls, an alternative rock band from Quebec city

Usage examples of "tav".

Tracey, as well as Jacob from the look on his face, Tav pulled the little boy into his arms for a quick hug.

Surveying the scene, Tav saw one towel half wadded, half pinned under the flickering fire of her hair.

Closing his eyes, Tav imagined parting that copper colored thatch and plunging his finger deep.

Then Ashley launched herself at Tav, tears running down her little face.

Tracey was a little resentful of Tav, taking her children over like this.

She could hear Tav and the boys chattering and laughing in the back yard.

Her sons were chasing Tav around the yard, growling and roaring at him until he caught them.

Jacob proudly explain how the pulley worked as Tav shimmied up the tree and looped the ropes over a thick branch.

There was some debate over who would get the first ride, but Tav took the first turn so that he could test the strength of the ropes.

After several minutes and a million deep breaths, Tracey brought Tav a steaming cup of coffee.

Their excited chattering warmed Tav as he walked back to his own house.

One minute she wanted to go with Tav and the next minute she was sure it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Tracey and Sue returned to the front porch with coffee in hand, Ashley was sitting beside Tav, chatting.

When they reached their road, Tracey asked Tav to park his truck at his own house and walk her home.

Transforming and pulling on his clothes in record time, Tav snatched her up and ran with her.