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n. (plural of tau English)


Taus may refer to:

  • Doma┼żlice (German: Taus), a town of the Czech Republic
  • Taus, Wisconsin, United States, an unincorporated community
  • Melek Taus, "The Peacock Angel", the Yazidis' name for the central figure of their faith
  • Taus (instrument), string instrument from India
Taus (instrument)

The taus is a bowed string instrument from the north and central India, as well as from the Punjab which is divided into Pakistani Punjab and Indian Punjab. Taus was the work of Sri Guru Hargobind Ji (the sixth Guru of the Sikhs). From this instrument originates the lighter dilruba. It has a peacock body sound box ('taus' is a Persian word meaning peacock) and a neck with 20 heavy metal frets. This neck holds on a long wooden rack 28-30 strings and the instrument is played with a bow. This instrument projects a sound with a deeper, fuller tone.

Usage examples of "taus".

When the police had tried to take a blood sample in order to match his DNA to that left behind during the attacks, Taus had thrown a nutty.

As for Martin Taus, we're not sure yet how he was able to describe Lucy's attack so accurately.

The funeral procession was headed by a gaily bedecked hearse driven by Malik Taus, the Peacock Sultan, who sat on the box in West Point uniform and turban, and steered an expert course over several formidable hedges and stone walls.