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Taulov is a town located in Fredericia municipality in the eastern part of the Jutland peninsula in Denmark. The town is the third largest in the municipality. Taulov's history is not that well known and was nothing more than a village until the first railroads in Jutland were built in the 1860s during the industrial revolution. It is now divided into Gammel Taulov (Old Taulov) og Taulov by the motorway this is despite Taulov Kirke being located in Taulov. Old Taulov grew up around the train station and the new main street while the majority of Taulov is squeezed in between the E20 motorway and Kolding Landevej, the old main road between Kolding and Snoghøj which was the main way to access Eastern Denmark for many centuries.

Taulov Church is a medieval church in traditional Danish style, and was constructed in the 13th century. It functioned as a seamark for sailors on Kolding Fjord and Little Belt until modern navigation was introduced. As the natural centre of Taulov it is located approximate 9 km from Fredericia, 10 km from Kolding and 20 km from Vejle.