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Tauá is a municipality in the state of Ceará in the Northeast region of Brazil. In 2010 it had a total population of 55,755 people. It is one of the largest municipalities in the state, with an area of .

Taua (disambiguation)

Taua may refer to:

In places
  • Tauá, a small municipality in the state of Ceará in the Northeast region of Brazil
  • Tauá (Rio de Janeiro), a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Santo Antônio do Tauá, a municipality in the state of Pará in the Northern region of Brazil
  • Mata Taua Peak, a peak in Antarctica
In people
  • Vai Taua (b. 1988), an American football player
  • Wiremu Hoani Taua (1862–1919), a New Zealand tribal leader
In other uses
  • Taua, a war party in the tradition of the Māori
  • Taua, a 2007 New Zealand short film (aka War Party) written and directed by Te Arepa Kahi; see
  • Oenomaus taua, a species of butterfly
  • Waka taua, Māori war canoe

Usage examples of "taua".

Swiftly he explained to Karara, and with a vigorous nod of assent she called to Taua, ordering the rest of the salvage material from the gate be brought to them.

Just as Tino-rau and Taua had formed a bridge of communication between the Terran and Loketh, so did they read and translate the thoughts of the galactic invaders.

Tino-rau and Taua played about the Foanna in an ecstatic joy and when all were in the sea they shot off shoreward.

To take Tinorau and Taua would be to doom that sentient race to nonexistence.

Chapter XV--THE TWO CHIEFS OF ATUONA It had chanced (as the Casco beat through the Bordelais Straits for Taahauku) she approached on one board very near the land in the opposite isle of Tauata, where houses were to be seen in a grove of tall coco-palms.