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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tatt \Tatt\, v. t. & i. To make (anything) by tatting; to work at tatting; as, tatted edging.


alt. (context slang English) A tattoo. n. (context slang English) A tattoo.

Usage examples of "tatt".

Tatt, to possess himself of any fragments of evidence which Joanna Grice might have left behind her in writing?

Tatt when Matthew, appearing in the character of a client at the desolate office door, actually announced himself as the sole surviving son of old Joshua Grice, flowed out in such a torrent of congratulatory words, that Mat was at first literally overwhelmed by them.

This is why jailhouse tatts always look like they were done by sadistic children on rainy afternoons.

In a room lit by a candle stuck in a bottleneck a slut combs out the tatts from the hair of a scrofulous child.

These Tatts were where we shoved our bad boys, the ones that were more trouble than clan or family could handle.

First there are the younger scrofulous boneheaded black-T-shirt-and-spiked-bracelet types who do not have the sense to regret the impulsive permanency of their tatts, and will show them off to you with the same fake-quiet pride with which someone more of Ewell's own social stratum would show off their collection of Dynastic crockery or fine Sauvignon.

Chandler Foss has an undulating banner with a redly inscribed MARY on one forearm, said banner now mangled and necrotic because Foss, dumped and badly coked out one night, tried to nullify the romantic connotations of the tatt by inscribing BLESSED VIRGIN above the MARY with a razor blade and a red Bic, with predictably ghastly results.