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A tathe or tate is a unit of area which was used in Fermanagh and Monaghan, equivalent to 60 Irish acres.

Four tathes make a quarter of land, four quarters make a ballibetagh and, in Fermanagh, seven ballibetaghs make a barony, of which there were seven. However, the measure of a ballibetagh is far larger in Fermanagh than in Monaghan. In total at this period in time (1609), it was estimated that Fermanagh which had 51 ballibetaghs and a half of "chargeable lands" contained the same area as Monaghan which had 100 ballibetaghs.

A quick survey of 1608 found the Tathe to be only half the extent assigned to it by the Irish which was 60 native Irish acres.

Usage examples of "tathe".

Since returning tathe Academy his platoon had gone on half a dozen EVAs, all of them review-and-checkouts of what they had learned during the summer, but it still made him nervous.

A man, a blue-eyed, fair-haired Mexican, dressed in a silver embroidered charro suit suddenly leaped on tathe dais to join her as the music changed to a fandango.