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n. (obsolete spelling of taste English)


In linguistics, T (always written as uppercase T plus uppercase AST in subscript) is an abbreviation for the time of assertion, a secondary temporal reference in establishing tense.

Grammatical tense represents the contrast between two measurements along the timeline of an utterance, with one of those measurements being the time of utterance T (the time at which the actual utterance is made). T is always the primary point of reference for tense. There are three additional references to which T can be contrasted: T — the time of assertion, T — the time of completion, and T — the time of evaluation; these are secondary references. The type used for the secondary reference is determined by aspect and type of utterance.

T is the time at which the action of a verb takes place. It can be a single point in time (in the non-durational aspects) such as in English “I had dinner at 5pm.” Or, it can be a range of time (in the durational aspects) such as “I was eating dinner from 5 till 7.”

Usage examples of "tast".

Cebu, while Agitar airmen on great Pegasi zapped the Djukasis from the air with their tasts.

So fashioned a Porch with rare deuice,Archt ouer head with an embracing vine,Whose bounches hanging downe, seemed to enticeAll passers by, to tast their lushious wine,And did themselues into their hands incline,As freely offering to be gathered:Some deepe empurpled as the Hyacint,Some as the Rubine, laughing sweetly red,Some like faire Emeraudes, not yet well ripened.

For not of nought these suddeine ghastly fearesAll night afflict thy naturall repose,And all the day, when as thine equall peares,Their fit disports with faire delight doe chose,Thou in dull corners doest thy selfe inclose,Ne tastest Princes pleasures, ne doest spredAbroad thy fresh youthes fairest flowre, but loseBoth leafe and fruit, both too vntimely shed,As one in wilfull bale for euer buried.

Ives ließ sich vor der Konsole nieder, überblickte kurz das Panel, drückte ein paar Tasten und sah dann hoch zu einem der Bildschirme.