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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

official news agency of the former U.S.S.R., an acronym of Russian Telegrafnoje Agenstvo Sovjetskeho Sojuza "Telegraphic Agency of the Soviet Union."


__NOTOC__ TASS or Tass may refer to:

Usage examples of "tass".

I had rather mount guard, for a week, in steel helmet and corselet, with breast, back, culet, gorget, tasses, sword, musket and bandoliers, in the hottest sun that ever roasted a blackamoor, or stand up to my knees, six months, in snow, without my mandilion, than lie a day longer in that ace--I mean that kennel of a lock-up.

He and the Blue Voice and the limping Sir Penapat had taken up a position in the loftiest structure of Tass Town, a lighthouse about fifteen ells high on the western side of the small island settlement.

A section of the room had been reserved for the press, and representatives were there from Reuters, United Press, International News Service, Shsin Hau Agency, French Press Agency and Tass, among others.

I'll throw a torrent of press releases into the Russian Tass news agency, exposing a Yankee plot to get Turkey and Greece involved in war to sell both sides munitions and then I'll hire a hit man to assassinate the Greek Premier, have a Turkish flag hanging from the rifle and CIA credentials in his pocket.

Lord Zontil had told him that most of the population save for the log-raft sailors abandoned Tass Town during the rainy seasons.

As he was beginning to wonder if this were a favorite haunt of the unpleasant boy, Tass suddenly appeared at the side of the trail, leaning on ski poles.

Anigel and Immu had approached Tass Town's island with great care, and their boat now lay concealed beneath a weeping tree that grew from a cleft in a great precipice along the western shore.