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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Tas \Tas\, n. [F.] A heap. [Obs.] ``The tas of bodies slain.''


Tas \Tas\, v. t. To tassel. [Obs.] ``A purse of leather tassed with silk.''


n. (alternative spelling of tass English)


Taş is a Turkish word meaning "stone", often used as a surname, it may refer to:

  • Aysel Taş (born 1964), Bulgarian born Turkish female javelin thrower
  • Coşkun Taş (born 1935), Turkish footballer
  • Didem Taş (born 1992), Turkish women's footballer
  • Erol Taş (1928-1998), Turkish actor
  • Nizamettin Taş (born 1961), Turkish military commander of Kurdish separatist organization PKK
Tas (series)

The Tas series is a pair of children's science fiction novels written by Reginald Alec Martin, under the pseudonym of E. C. Eliott. The books were illustrated by A. Bruce Cornwell. They are set, at least at the beginning, at the Woomera Rocket Range in Australia.

Usage examples of "tas".

I have asked Tas Et to forge the Dying and Reborn Sword for the King in my stead.

But what he wanted was to persuade Tas Et and myself to undertake a certain kind of manufacture for him for which he would have paid us exceedingly well.

I suppose, for though the Ri Sil is the elder, the Tas Sil is the more highly honored.

You will need the permission of both Ri Cer Sil and Tas No Sil-and of the Warriors of the Voice as well.

But Moth has so little chance- Tas No Sil said that Moth may undergo the initiations for silver and gold, but only if the smith initiating him will bequeath him his own tools.

Burning Low, a name that Tas No said had come to Moth because of the manner in which he had been singled out to become a smith.

Though he spent his mornings in the potting compound, his afternoons were spent learning the ways of the smiths from Tas No.

Moth opened his mouth to protest but Tas No cut him off with a sharp, angry gesture.

When she was returned to her family her mother, Kytra, had attempted to raise the money for a good brideprice by selling her services, for Tas Gly, her father, was a poor smith and the family was without money.

The kender, Tas, drank his soup, then offered Usha his hunk of brown bread.

She kept fast hold of Tas, not because she was really worried about him disobeying Jenna, but because she desperately needed someone to hold on to.

It was only then that she realized that she and Tas were alone in the room.

They were quite remarkable silver spoons, each of them marked with intricate designs that Tas guessed were elven.

When Dalamar and Jenna entered the room, both Tas and Usha smiled up at them in a hazy, surfeited torpor.

This state of affairs being nothing new or out of the ordinary for the kender, Tas nodded.