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Minister of Defense, in charge of the Regan N1 tary forces currently massing to strike at the Sassan Empire.

There remained a momen tary pleasure in this: the blade had stood him well in 3i6 Tad Williams many a contest, witnessed by the fact that he was still here, still alive, with aching back and chafing armor and doubts and all.

In 10077, Duke Minos died suddenly chok mg on a piece of beef and his eldest son Paulos succeeded Mintor the next eldest son, was heir presumptive but never expected to reach the throne since his brother was young vigorous and likely to have children of his own Therefore, he requested his brother's permission to represent the Duchy as a roving ambassador and to receive imh tary training at various academies throughout the Imperium His request was readily granted He spent the next ten years learning about weapons, shields, self defense politics and bull-fighting One of his companions from that period recalls He was loll, not quite handsome, a bit of a rake .

Arrakis is the only planet in the Canopus planetary system to harbor organic life forms Life on Arrakis has been subject to harsh conditions during its history Along with the local star group there is an extensive dust cloud that permeates the Canopus near space This dust cloud was first detected by the Arrakian astronomer Chelin m 12704 The consequences of the cloud were not fully recognized until 12984 when evidence was found that correlated ice age-like penods with the dust cloud opacity The peculiar velocity of Canopus carried it and the plane tary system through regions of .

This deadly poison was the exhalation of the drowning ' little maker'' A Reverend Moth er changed the water into a harmless and powerful awareness-expanding aphrodisiac by altering its molecular structure through sub atomic p&ythokmeuc manipulation Each sietch kept a number of little makers imprisoned in small caches, restricting their growth to nine meters for the Ceremony During the mih tary triumphs of Paul Muad'Dib's Bjday-kin, sietches were hard pressed to produce the numbers of little makers that were demanded Much later, during the reign of the God Emperor Leto II, the Ceremony of the Seed and its tail content were sustained despite the absence of the little makers, in the Siaynoq sharing among .