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Tarun or Taroun is a word from Sanskrit .

It is a male given name, meaning "young male".

Notable people with the given name Tarun include:

  • Tarun Kumar (born 1983), Indian actor in Telugu and Tamil cinema
  • Tarun Arora, Indian actor in Hindi cinema
  • Tarun Bhattacharya, Indian musician
  • Tarun Bose (born 1928), Indian actor in Hindi cinema
  • Tarun Chandra or Tarun, Indian actor in Kannada cinema
  • Tarun Dey, Indian footballer
  • Tarun Gogoi (born 1936), Indian politician
  • Tarun Gopi, Indian film director in Tamil cinema
  • Tarun Khanna (born 1968), Indian-born American author and economic strategist
  • Tarun Khiwal (born 1967), Indian fashion photographer
  • Tarun Majumdar or Tarun Mazumdar (born 1931), Indian film director in Bengali cinema
  • Tarun Mandal (born 1959), Indian politician
  • Tarun Mansukhani, Indian film director in Hindi cinema
  • Tarun Nethula (born 1983), Indian-born New Zealand cricketer
  • Tarun Ram Phukan (1877–1939), Indian politician
  • Tarun Shatriya, Indian actor in Tamil cinema
  • Tarun Tahiliani, Indian fashion designer
  • Tarun Tejpal (born 1963), Indian journalist, publisher and a novelist
  • Tarun Vijay (born 1951), Indian author, social worker and politician