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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1906, American English, informal shortening of tarpaulin.


Etymology 1 n. Short form of tarpaulin. vb. To cover something with a tarpaulin. Etymology 2

n. (context humorous chiefly Internet slang English) (deliberate misspelling of trap English)


n. waterproofed canvas [syn: tarpaulin]


Tarp may refer to:

  • Tarpaulin, a large sheet of strong, flexible, water resistant or waterproof material
    • Tarp tent
  • Tarp, Germany, a municipality in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany
  • Tarp, Iran, a village in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • Finn Tarp, a Danish economist

TARP or T.A.R.P. may refer to:

  • Troubled Asset Relief Program, the largest part of the U.S. government's $700 billion financial bailout plan of 2008
  • Terminal Identifier - Address Resolution Protocol, protocol defined in Telcordia
  • Tunnel and Reservoir Plan, the official name of Chicago's Deep Tunnel
  • Transmembrane AMPAR regulatory protein
  • Translocated actin-recruiting phosphoprotein
  • Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance Pod System - US Navy camera pod carried by the F-14 Tomcat
TARP (gene)

TCR gamma alternate reading frame protein, also known as TARP, is a human gene.

Usage examples of "tarp".

The tarp suddenly flapped louder, billowing, cutting right to find the path of least resistance.

Wave has the tarps, the plane cover, fuel, and a lighter, he might have been able to treat his second-stage hypothermia and prevent his body temperature from further declining.

The tarps, the cash, the liquid propane gas, the double tanks full of diesel fuel.

While Ray rolled up and restowed the tarp, several of the male dogs took this opportunity to find a convenient bush and relieve themselves.

She had a sniping rifle on a tripod under their tented tarp, hidden in the shade of a stinkwood tree.

From his side he uncorded a wound scrap of miser-plant leaf and laid it down on a trading tarp Han had spread out at the base of the ramp.

Now the concealing tarps were removed and the Archerfish began to move under her own power.

More bees prowled around the little pile ,of rubbish the kids had thrown on the grass near the tarp.

After a piece of plastic tarp had been laid next to the body, Corso stood up and motioned for the nearest officer to help him.

Ralph Cottle wrapped in the tarp and stowed behind the sofa, his spirit of fun had been engaged.

The warming rain collected in his tarp, but it denied him dry under as well, and Coop existed on his own fat and fiddlehead ferns for a week.

Which that broke my heart, Gadzooks being what we sometimes said at nice privacy moments in our Privacy Tarp when overwhelmed by our good luck in terms of our respective bodies looking so hot and appropriate, Gadzooks being from LI 38492 for Zookers Gum, where the guy blows a bubble so Zookified that it ingests a whole city and the city goes floating up to Mars.

The resident Livers sat naked under the clear tarp from which they constructed their feeding grounds.

After ushering Ryan and Nara to the front of the box, the others completely covered the van with a clear plastic tarp and secured it on the floor with sandbags.

Then you place a fist-sized rock in the middle of the tarp so it sags to a point about two inches above the opening of the bucket.