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Tarnovsky or Tarnovski (feminine: Tarnovskaya) (occasionally also transliterated via other languages as Tarnowsky) is a Russified form of the Polish noble family name Tarnowski and usually belongs to people of Polish or Ukrainian ancestry. It ultimately derives from the name of the city of Tarnów

Tarnovski is also a Bulgarian appellation and family name derived from the city of Tarnovo.

The surname may refer to:

  • Christopher Tarnovsky (born 1971), American hacker
  • Konstantin Tarnovsky (1826–1892) Russian playwright
  • Sergei Tarnowsky (Russian: Сергей Тарновский; 1882–1976), Russian-American pianist
  • Evtimiy Tarnovski, Evtimiy of Tarnovo
  • Teodosiy Tarnovski, Theodosius of Tarnovo
  • Kliment Tarnovski, Prime Minister of Bulgaria

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