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Tarnaka is a major residential and technology suburb in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.Tarnaka literally translates as "wired checkpost". In the local language ( Urdu) Tar means wire/cable and naka means check post. Tarnaka used to have a vineyard during the Nizams period. An area called Kimtee colony got its name from the vineyards called Keemthi Gardens.

Another explanation for the naming of area lies in fact that there used to be old telegraph office where people came to telegraph from far so people used to refer to the area as "Tar" (which also means telegram) "Naka". There is still a BSNL office at the junction. The former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Chenna Reddy was a resident of Tarnaka. St. Ann's school was a landmark few decades back; it was a white building, hence the area was also called "White House".