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target practice

n. 1 Any exercise in which projectiles are fired at a specified target, typically for the purpose of improving aim. 2 The target of such exercise, especially figuratively as an easy target.

target practice

n. practice in shooting at targets

Target practice

Target practice refers to any exercise in which projectiles are fired at a specified target, usually to improve the aim of the person or persons firing the weapon.

The abbreviation TP is commonly used for "target practice" rounds. TP-T is a target practice round with tracer.

Target Practice (song)

"Target Practice" is the debut single by British musician Belouis Some, from his 1985 debut album, Some People. The song was first released in 1984, then again the following year. It reached #16 in South Africa in 1986, which was his third consecutive Top 20 hit there.

Target Practice (novel)

Target Practice is a 1974 crime novel by American author and film director Nicholas Meyer. It was Meyer's first novel and was shortly followed by the bestselling The Seven-Per-Cent Solution that same year.

Usage examples of "target practice".

Obviously the locals had decided that the abandoned cabin was more entertaining for target practice than the place they had been using, which was closer to the graded road.

I don't much fancy being run down by a schooner or chopped to pieces by a propeller blade or just used for a little target practice.

He's lowlife scum who thinks he can charm you away from me, but if you don't mind feeling dirty by association, he really, really wants to do some target practice with you.

The first sight of a white uniform, and the wearer of that uniform would find himself the object of target practice.

Everyone's clothes reeked of burned propellant and gun oil from target practice in the tunnel-Fitzduane wanted the existence of their weapons to remain a surprise-and everyone, including Katia Maurer and Oona, he noticed, was armed.

Prisoners are a mistake, he thought crudely: we should have used them for target practice in the water, we should have steamed away and left them whining.

Kosutic said, grinning as the hillside started to smoke from the target practice.