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Targ or TARG may refer to:

  • The Anti-Gravity Room
  • Targ (video game), a 1980 arcade game
  • Targ (Star Trek), a fictional animal from Star Trek
  • In Scientology, targs are an older word for Body Thetan
  • Nowy Targ is a town in Poland
  • Elisabeth Targ, American psychiatrist
  • Russell Targ, American physicist
  • Targe, a type of shield
Targ (video game)

Targ was a successful 1980 game by Exidy depicting vehicular combat in a future world.


A târg was a medieval Romanian periodic fair or a market town. Originally established on the places where periodic fairs were held, some of them (but not all) became permanent settlements, as craftsmen built their workshops near the place where the fair was held.

The market towns were still largely agricultural, with the lord of the settlement allowing some inhabitants to become tradesmen or craftsmen in exchange of some fees. Some of the towns were fortified and became known as cities or fortresses (cetăţi).

Many of the earliest fairs were named after the river that flowed nearby. Examples include:

  • Târgul Moldovei, on Moldova River (currently known as Baia)
  • Târgu Mureş, on Mureş River
  • Târgu Jiu, on Jiu River
  • Târgul Argeşului, on Argeş River (currently known as Curtea de Argeş)
  • Târgu Neamț, on Neamţ River
  • Târgu Lăpuş, on Lăpuş River
  • Cetatea Dâmboviţei, on Dâmboviţa River (historical name for Bucharest)
  • Cetatea Sucevei, on Suceava River (currently known as Suceava)
  • Târgul Bârladului, on Bârlad River (currently known as Bârlad)
  • Târgul Siretului, on Siret River (currently known as Siret)