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TARC has several meanings:

  • Taiwan Area Resident Certificate, an identification document for overseas Chinese and people from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau who reside in Taiwan
  • Target Approval and Review Committee, a branch of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service
  • Team America Rocketry Challenge, an American model rocketry competition for high school students
  • Texas Association of Regional Councils a voluntary associations of local governments in Texas
  • The Amazing Race Canada, a Canadian reality game show based on The Amazing Race
  • Thymus and activation regulated chemokine, a gene which encodes a secreted protein of the immune system, also known as CCL17
  • Total active reflection coefficient, a measure of multi-port radio antennas
  • Transit Authority of River City, a major public transportation provider in Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  • Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a government body tasked with uncovering past wrongdoing
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC or KTAR, now TARUC), the biggest college in Malaysia
  • Turkish Armenian Reconciliation Commission, an organisation established in 2001 to develop Armenia–Turkey relations