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Tarascan or Tarasca is an exonym and the popular name for the Purépecha culture. It may refer to:

  • the Tarascan state, a Mesoamerican empire until the Spanish conquest in the 1500s, located in (present-day) west-central Mexico
  • the Purépecha people
  • the Purépecha language

It carries pejorative connotations when referring to the people or their language.

Usage examples of "tarascan".

As he lifted his hand to give the signal to disintegrate the Tarascan, Qoheela struck out to either side with his richly muscled arms and hit each obelisk hard enough to crack both bases and tilt them apart.

Let's regard it as likely that Tlaxcala has conquered and unified the whole of the old Mexica empire, and that now it's running smoothly with Zapotecan ships trading far and wide and Tarascan bronzeworkers making weapons and tools for them.